About Us

Welcome to THE BREAD BASKET !!

We are premium bakery-café founded with the philosophy of 5-star quality at affordable price. Our mission is to bring happiness to everyone by adapting to people’s ever-expanding palates with our decadent, unique and sophisticated pastries, breads, and cakes. We serve a variety of treats ranging from appetizing snacks to stunning and delicious cakes for all occasions, as well as chef-inspired sandwiches and salads. Create happiness by owning a Bread basket of your own. This is the perfect choice for a memorable date, a gala family affair, or simply a delightful break in your day.

Our Vision

As we grow, we want to maintain the authenticity of a local bakery that focuses on connecting with customers in each of the communities we are in and tailor to their preferences.

Our Values

We believe that quality ingredients, great customer service, and impeccable style go hand in hand in creating a truly unique experience for our customers.


We continue to create top quality items made with the freshest ingredients. We pride ourselves on: cleanliness, freshness and great flavor.


Use the best ingredients, offer outstanding service, and provide genuine support to give an overall excellent experience to our business partners, store representatives, and loyal guests.

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