Shipping and Delivery Policy has taken every care for the accurateness of the information given in the site.It has applied due diligence to give the latest product information. However, or its employees or its affiliates are not answerable for the damage or loss caused to any of the users wowing to the information unintentionally given on the site.

We at will attempt delivery of the products ONCE.In case the delivery isn't completed during the effort,the customer or purchaser shall still be charged for the order & non-delivery of the items will be possible. We will assume the order carried out in the mentioned causes :

1.Delivery of item failed due to wrong address
2.Unavailability of the recipient
3.wrong Cell /Phone or Extension Number/Not Working Number/No Reply or Connecting/Unreachable,and delivery is not executed.4.Recipient refused the items or products.


Bread Basket is a reliable and registered company.While doing business we are completely committed to customer satisfaction and indulge in only in ethical and healthy business practices.Assured of quality,we offer and deliver the best at the best prices.

1.We are extremely particular about ON TIME DELIVERY.However they may be a delay because of unforeseen circumstances like rain,traffic etc.
2.All charges mentioned are inclusive of delivery charges and other inclusive taxes.
3.We provide a 24 hours customer support service.
4.For on time delivery,we confirm the availability of the receiver at the mentioned address before the delivery to assure comfortable delivery.

Bread Basket is here to deliver happiness in in the form of gifts and surprises to your loved ones.Our intentions are right and our practices are ethical.In case of any suggestion,complaint or information,we request you to get in touch with one of our customer care personal.

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